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Kristopher Martel, CEO/President of Morning Cactus, was an integral part in the SumEffect Software team. After seeing many of SumEffect's customers go to different Web Development companies and pay extravagant prices just to have their design wrapped around their shopping cart, Kristopher thought, "Why not offer an affordable solution for these customers and offer it from a person that is directly experienced with the system itself!". This is how Morning Cactus came about.

Launching in May of 2009, Morning Cactus stems around offering an afforadable design integration service coming DIRECTLY from a former employee of the creators of DigiSHOP/CoreCommerce (SumEffect Software). No other company that offers design integration can even boast this.

Go ahead and price shop! If you need your design integrated into YOUR store, on YOUR timeline, and on YOUR budget, we can personally guarantee you won't find a better deal for the quality and quickness of work that you will receive from us.

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